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‘No title (Just Dance)’ by Joachim Devillé

Joachim says about his work:

‘The previous drawing shows a house in a forest, wires, footsteps, words.It has a lot of elements to start from to make a new drawing. The main element was not the house in the forest, but the rhythm of the wires and footsteps that caught my attention. In general, my drawings are figurative, of architectural settings, often abandoned places. Lately, my goal is to do this as minimal as possible. In the scope of this project, I wanted to express another side of my drawing practice, which is most often hidden from the public. I experiment a lot in the studio to find out new techniques, methods and drawing strategies. Therefore, I like to draw from music, videos, memory, literature, the source can be anything. During the process, there is a dialogue between pain and pleasure. Each action creates a problem that needs to be solved by the next action. In this drawing I used different ways of drawing in each action, resulting in a rhythmic, multi-layered, suggestive setting that is residing somewhere between abstraction and figuration.’ Joachim lives and works in Brussels, Belgium.

‘No title (Just Dance)’

60 x 80 cm

Pencils, charcoal, erasers on canvas

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