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A transformative collaborative drawing project on Instagram


ˌtran(t)sfərˈmāSH(ə)n / noun

a thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance.'


Date: ongoing


THE LINE DRAWING PROJECT initiated by THE LINE MIAMI is a continuous, global collaborative project currently shown on Instagram under @the_line_drawing_project. The idea behind it is to create a long transformative chain of drawings with other established artists. Each artist first copies/repeats/takes over one element of the previously posted drawing and then creates something new. In the project all works are drawings. Each posted drawing is a response to the previously posted drawing from a different artist.


The works are all drawings. Each posted drawing is a response to the previously posted drawing from a different artist. Our aim is to have a minimum of 100 participants from all over the world. All participants shall be exceptional artists invited from our network.

Participating artists are chosen based on the following criteria:

Excellence in their technical and original approach, their concept, uniqueness and their resume.
Artists are encouraged to create works that provide a juxtaposition of traditional styles and cutting-edge practices in all 2D media, sculpture and installation. The focus lies on contemporary, diverse and non traditional drawing in combination with other media.


Our invitational virtual group exhibition includes works by Riccardo Angelini, Frances Ashforth, Conchita Bardaji, Wiebke Bartsch, Kathrin Bauer, Sandra Beccarelli, Nina Stolz Bellucci, Stevi Benson, Martina Biasetti, Rebecca Bramwell, Pip Brant, Gregory Brellochs, Jude Broughan, Darel Carey, Jacky Cheng, John W. Cline, James Connors, Julie Davidow, Joachim Devillé, Anna Fedorov, Joana Fischer, Zo Frampton, Josefina Frederick, Madaline Gardner, Elodie Garrone, Nic Gear, Sheila Ghidini, Marina Gonella, Felice Grodin, Katrin Guenther, Adler Guerrier, Gabriele Gutwirth, Eva Frueh, Philippe Halaburda, Kayleigh Jayne Harris, Cordula Hesselbarth, Hipkiss (Alpha & Chris Mason), Tobias Hoffmann, Matias Huart, Bethanie Irons, Renata Jaworska, Jenifer Kent, Gisoo Kim, Judith Berk King, Edward A Kingsburry III, Julian Khol, Barbara Bryn Klare, Susanne Koheil, Francis Konings, Jo Lane, Nicole Lenzi, Amanda Madrigal, Katherine Tzu-Lan Mann, Alejandro Martinez del Rio, Richard McVetis, Michelle A.M. Miller, Aurora Molina, Aris Moore, Sarah Morejohn, Lena Mueller, Jenna Murphy, Hanna Nitsch, Lee Nowell-Wilson, Yuria Okamura, Il Jong Park, Maria Paterson, Christina Pettersson, Dana Piazza, Jenny Phillips, Anna Rebel, Clovis Retif, Marjolijn Rijks, Grieteke Roosma, Mia Rosenthal, Donna Ruff, Sarah Michelle Rupert, Masha Ryskin, Tina Salvesen, Amy Schissel, Johanna Schreiner, Carrie Sieh, Julie Shapiro,  Hana Shoup, Karen Snouffer, Sara Stites, Maria Stracke, Tilly Strauss, Monika Supe, Steve Waller, Michelle Weinberg, Shakira Williams, Guenter Wintgens, Jowita Wyszomirska, Qianqian Ye and Meike Zopf.

A site specific installation with a morphing projection of the submitted works will be an end goal of the project. The exhibition will be a multi-media show, preferably in the form of a hologram. It shall represent the means of worldwide connections that are made through social media (Instagram) and simultaneously the virtual world of online media. Each artist remains an analog and independently working individual. The current project on Instagram aims to be a social media Exquisite Corpse in which all individuals get influenced by each other and form a big entity together.

THE LINE MIAMI is an artist collective aiming to connect artists for collaborative exhibitions, site specific projects and installations all over the globe. It shall also encourage creative exchange and skill development among the participants. The focus lies on contemporary, diverse and non traditional drawing in combination with other media.

For more information please send an email to

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