‘Libra 1/14/2018 8:28pm’ by Mia Rosenthal

Mia says about her work: ‘My current artistic practice focuses solely on drawing. There is something fundamental about observing, processing that information, and then picking up a tool to draw it in ones own hand, with one’s own voice. I use drawing to explore, learn, select, organize, and build through thought and marks. My latest drawings focus on cosmology, time, history, discovery and invention, particularly the inventions of language, writing and tools.’ One of the first things that came to mind looking at Felice Grodin’s work, cocoon, was its relationship to a constellation, with its luminous figures appearing on a dark ground. In a constellation, objects that appear to be neighbors can in truth be many light years apart; in Felice’s piece there is also an ambiguous relationship between point, line, shape and open space. Mia lives and works in Philadelphia.

www.miaonpaper.com She is represented by Gallery Joe in Philadelphia.

‘Libra 1/14/2018 8:28pm’

5" x 5"

Ink on paper

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