‘Antithesis’ by Madaline Gardner

Madaline says about her work:

‘Ebb and flow is central to the creation of my work. Concentrated areas of lines, tense and tedious, give way to restful voids. Working within the confines of my own rules, the drawings I create have static constants and fluid variables.

As a resident of Brooklyn, New York, my time spent using public transportation is quickened by drawing. Drawing while traveling on the subway has enhanced the ripple effect present in my work. As the train sways and tremors, my pen will shift in an interesting manner.

Each line will be a reflection of the one before it. This ripple effect can be seen in “Antithesis” in the white areas. The inspiration from this piece was drawn from Jude Broughan’s work; the section of the snorkel where the mask meets the tube.’ Madaline lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.



8" x 8"

Ink on paper

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